Dixie gun works catalog 2020

Dixie Gun Works Catalog.

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There's a word I don't use too frequently. Perhaps, but for some reason that's the word that popped up in my mind as I thumbed through the new Dixie Gun Works catalog that showed up in my mail box a little over a week ago.

dixie gun works catalog 2020

And that was especially true as I browsed through the selection of muzzleloader accessories and necessities found in that page catalog. Depending on exactly what one considers an "accessory" item for a muzzle-loaded arm, you'll find between and pages of the things that make loading, shooting, hunting with, caring for, dressing up or simply just enjoying owning a muzzleloader handier, easier or more complete. There's also close to a hundred pages of muzzleloading and black powder cartridge guns, and more than a hundred pages of gun parts and components for building a custom muzzleloading rifle.

The catalog shown at left is truly the equivalent of the old "Sears, Roebuck and Company" catalog for today's black powder shooter. Recently, I ordered several "accessories" from Dixie Gun Works, to make the loading and shooting of several traditionally styled muzzleloaders more enjoyable, and decided to review them here. Back in the late 's and early 's, I was the one-man production crew, writer, photographer and editor of the DGW catalog, plus had the unenviable job of finding shelf space for all new products at the Dixie store and warehouse in Union City, Tennesee.

For me, to browse through the company's giant catalog is always a trip down memory lane. Here's a look at several accessory items I'm already using this fall. When charger is thrust home into cylinder, it pushes cut-off aside to fill charger. As it is withdrawn, the cut-off slides into place measuring the correct charge. May also be used for powder. Leather, 11" in length. Who knows, I may have even written that copy 35 or so years ago.

I can remember the company adding a lot of new accessory items during the 's, and most were modern copies of original loading and shooting accessories. Back in those days, I owned four or five original muzzleloading shotguns, and hunted with each and every one of them. When loading in the field, I learned to appreciate using one of these shot pouches. Other than the color of the leather, this shot pouch doesn't look to have changed any at all from the same style pouches I used more than three decades ago.

The above left photo shows how quickly and easily the charger can be adjusted for the different shot charges.

It's just a matter of turning the charger cup until that small screw can slide freely, then the charger cup pushed in for the lighter 1-ounce charge The photo at right shows the charger with a 1-ounce charge of No. When shooting my Pedersoli gauge double, I typically load with 2-ounces of lead shotThis blog is devoted to those muzzleloading hunters who prefer to use traditionally styled muzzlelaoders of 's and earlier design.

RSS Feed. I always love it when the newest edition of the Dixie Gun Works catalog comes off the press. For me, thumbing through this massive "reference book from which you can buy" is like a walk down memory lane.

Antique book on bullet molds and powder shot measure.

You see, for several years I was the editor of this catalog,easily doing percent of the writing and photography for the catalog Back then, the annual catalog consisted of just over pages Civil War wear and accoutrements The new catalog that just came off of the press has grown to pages I saved really going through the catalog until New Year's morning.

I sat down and slowly thumbed through the new edition I was impressed to find more than 50 pages of reproduction "long guns" in the new catalog.

The variety included numerous variations of "Kentucky" and "Pennsylvania" longrifles, in flint or percussion ignition Revolutionary War era reproduction smooth-bored muskets The cartridge long gun selection covers all of the early Winchester lever-actions I'm sure I've skipped over something Malcolm circa styled telescopic rifle sight shown on the Pedersoli.

That early styled scope can be found on Page of the new catalog. While Dixie's stock of muzzleloading Around 20 pages offers more than a hundred models and variations.

There's something to meet just about every historical need It would be impossible to fully detail the variety of goods found in the Dixie Gun Works catalog The variety is that vast.

The company offers approximately booksNorth America's No. Above - Traditions. Malcolm Scope. April 7, Meet Beau! While that was affecting my attitude more than I care to admit I got her a young chocolate lab pup to raise as her own Meet Beau! Sharing the rifle models Here's a look at what we need to share YOUR muzzleloading knowledge and experience. Unfortunately, the extremely basic non-adjustable 's style sights found on the majority of reproduction rifles and rifled muskets that saw military use during the Civil War make that extremely difficult to accomplish.

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Here's a look at a period correct "telescopic rifle sight" a. Here's a look at the rifle Here's a look at a Hawken rifle which most "Mountain Men" types would, at first sight, proclaim Com host Toby Bridges owned one exactly like it when he was 16 years old.

DIXIE GUN WORKS Coupons, Promo Codes & Deals

He traded the rifle off that same year Here's his story By the time spring turkey and bear seasons open here in Montana, our tweaking of the pages from our thru Article-Report menus should be fairly complete. We have already started that process, and you can find the menu to those pages to a link under "More" at the top of every page Our plan is to archive no more than 50 of those pages.

Go to Com host Toby Bridges will be using to hunt bear this spring. He anticipates his shots to be inside of 50 yards Since a couple of grizzlies also inhabit the same area, he plans to have a backup rifle with him it all times Com's new Associate Field Editor Glenn May shares a source for an extremely handy little breech plug adapter that allows pretty much any single-shot break-open shotgun to be converted into a muzzleloading smoothbore.

This adapter requires absolutely no gunsmithing to install Glenn claims the adapter is as handy as pockets on shirts.Dealspotr verifies, curates, and shares content and offers for brands we think you'll love.

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Dixie Gun Works coupons

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View Offer. Deal Tracker. Exclusive to Dealspotr. View Code.America's No. I well remember my first morning of hunting wild turkeys with a muzzle-loaded shotgun. That hunt took place in the Ozarks of Southern Missouri. The previous spring, I had spent several days wandering the high hardwoods covered ridges with Dr.

John was also the head turkey biologist for the State of Missouri He knew the country We spent a lot of time on National Forest land So, those tracts of National Forest is where I headed the very next spring Moore side-by-side muzzleloading "Bore" percussion shotgun thrown over my shoulder. I had each barrel of the shotgun loaded with grains of FFg black powder At first light a gobbler sounded off a quarter-mile down the same ridge I was hunting I moved to within a hundred yards of the turkey I heard the bird fly down.

A couple of light yelps from my Lynch box call were immeidately answered. A few minutes later, I called again I sat the call down next to me A minute later, I spotted the tips of the fanned tail I followed the big bird with the bead of the shotgun as it marched right in to within 15 yards It was an easy shot for the, then, year old shotgun.

And as I packed the pound Eastern gobbler out of those woods I can remember feeling as if I was the "Greatest Turkey Hunter" of all. After all, I had just taken the first gobbler I had ever called in myself Back inthere weren't many reproduction muzzleloading shotguns on the market Moore I used to take my first muzzle-loaded tom.

Those early smoothbore reproductions really did a great job of duplicating the shotguns of the mid 's However, when hunting a game bird as large as a wild turkey And if it was just 10 to 15 yards away During that period, there were a half-dozen great front-loaded shotguns available The company currently offers a couple of very nice and gauge models With the popularity shift to muzzleloading rifles of modern "in-line ignition" design during the 's, several of the companies building ultra-modern muzzle-loaded rifles also added a few similar ignition system front-loaded shotguns as well.

Today, just one of those modern muzzle-loaded shotguns is still with us Both of these shotguns have now been around for 20 or more years, and have stood the test of time - because each has proven to be the best of each design I've now taken around 30 gobblers with these two muzzle-loaded shotguns Here's a look at the loads I've come to rely on when hunting with these two shotguns.

The two photos directly above show two of the better birds I've taken with muzzle-loaded shotguns The gobbler above left was taken on the last day of the Montana spring season, only about three miles from where I sit and write this. The nice "near pure" Merriams gobbler was taken at about 18 yards with the Pedersoli Gauge Magnum double.

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That dandy pound Merriams-Rio Grande cross gobbler shown above right was taken with my Knight gauge TK during Nebraska's spring season.Log in or Sign up. Antique book on bullet molds and powder shot measure. Jan 9, 1. Joined: Feb 23, Messages: I am trying to do some research for a friend.

Does any one know of any antique books that I might find the value of these items. These are iron single cavity, number on the handle that does not go with the caliber One is interesting that one handle is a screwdriver andthe other seems to be a barrel wrench. Last edited: Jan 9, Raven1Jan 9, Jan 26, 2.

dixie gun works catalog 2020

I seem to recall seeing a combination mould, screwdriver and barrel wrench like that in the Dixie Gun Works catalog long ago. I don't have a DGW catalog, but that company is online.

A little searching of their website might find it. In the old days, moulds were marked not with the ball diameter but with the number of balls per pound. Thus, a mould that produced a gauge ball would have 62 marked on it.

If I read your post correctly, you're puzzled by these markings. The "balls per pound" makes sense of it.


However, about 99 balls of. Your mould is slightly larger, at. It should come in at about I thought perhaps that you misread the 10 and it was actuallybut even that figure would be incorrect. So, I'm stumped on the Dixie Gun Works may have books on antique bullet moulds and accessories. It would be a good site to start. I know I've seen such things, on occasion, on Ebay. It's difficult to place a value on such thing, by and large, because it brings what people will pay.

Shooting & Accessories

Sounds simple, but it's true. Antique moulds bearing the names of famous gunmakers such as Colt, Winchester, Sharps, etc. I'd suggest you check out Ebay, search "mold, mould, bullet" and see what prices are going. If nothing else, contact Dixie Gun Works and see if they'd be interested in purchasing it. They used to buy old, rare guns and accessories, I think they still do.

Hope this helps. GatofeoJan 26, Jan 27, 3.

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The one with 16 .America's No. Imagine the stories that old original late 's, early 's Indian Trade Musketshown in the banner photo across the top of this page, could tell if it could talk. The tales of the hundreds of wild turkeys taken with the big smoothbore Maybe even the recalling of how the big smoothbore was carried into battle by its several different owners through 50 or more years of hard use to defend their homelands from pale-skinned terrorists from the East To tell those stories, in detail, of just this one relic from the past would likely take a lifetime of campfires, each burning well into the night.

The big flintlock musket spotlighted here is definitely a part of North America's history. Thousands of such Trade Guns were used to barter for furs, or maybe just to win the favors of powerful chiefs, or to acquire an Indian bride. From the looks of the musket shown above, it is far past its days of ever being restored to shooting condition. Still, those who own and cherish such old guns tend to like having them in mechanical "working order".

dixie gun works catalog 2020

But, where would one ever find replacement parts that could be used or custom fitted to restore that lock back to "working order" Well, in my mind, there's only one place to start looking for such parts, and that's in the Dixie Gun Works catalog. Supplying "Rare Antique Gun Parts" has long been one of the company's claim to fame. And it was a stockpile of such old original parts which led company founder Turner Kirkland to publish his first Dixie Gun Works catalog way back in That first catalog, and a few that followed, consisted of only several dozen pages, then Kirkland began to uncover hoards of old original parts in Belgium, and the variety of such parts grew quickly.

Along the way, he also managed to acquire much of the Civil War era salvage once warehoused by parts supplier Francis E. Kirkland's new suppliers for old parts in Belgium brought him into contact with a few gun makers operating there, and in he took a gamble Those rifles were dubbed the "Dixie Squirrel Rifle"offered in.

dixie gun works catalog 2020

These were the very first commercially built "reproduction" muzzleloading rifles ever offered in the U. In fact, Turner Kirkland is credited with coining the word "reproduction". More and more gun parts were added to the catalog, and the selection of modern made reproduction black powder guns continued to grow, and by the mid 's the Dixie catalog had grown to more than pages. It has definitely grown a bit since the 's and 's. This year's catalog consists of pages!

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